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To order a swatch, visit the page for the fabric that you want and click on the button that says "Order a Swatch". If the button is not there, then we do not offer swatches on that fabric. Swatches are for color, texture, and density. Swatches may not contain the entire design/print of the fabric. Refer to pictures of the fabric to see the design and use the swatch to get a better feel for what the fabric looks like.

Swatch sizes are not guaranteed and vary depending on the fabric, however, you can expect anywhere from 2"x4" to 5"x7". We try our best to provide all colors of the fabric in the swatch. 

Swatch prices vary depending on the price of the fabric, ranging from $1 to $5 per swatch.

This fabric is no longer in production and cannot be restocked.
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