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Choosing Fabric - Guidance From The Garment District by S. Bambi

Choosing Fabric - Guidance From The Garment District by S. Bambi

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The first ‘Color Wheel’ of fabrics!

More than 90 of the most common fabrics and 25 fibers found in a typical New York City fabric store are organized into cross-compatible spectrums of movement and weight, making it easier than ever to browse the diversity of the Garment District wherever you are.

Curated fabrics for every project include atypical options as well as a generous range of classic textiles. An introduction to fabric in the first pages also creates a shared vocabulary around fabric, fiber and stretch essential for buying and using fabric.

If you’ve ever been intimidated or overwhelmed in a fabric store, or searching for fabric online; if you love fashion and fabric but don’t have time to go to fashion school; if you’re serious about interior design and want to take your upholstery and soft interior fabrics to the next level: this is the reference tool for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does your fabric come from?

We purchase fabrics from all over the world. Most of our fabric is purchased from fashion houses and designers. These are usually one of a kind, closeout fabrics that cannot be restocked. We also work with some textile mills to provide our customers with large quantities and restockable fabrics. 

How can I be sure of the color of the fabric?

We do our best to provide accurate pictures, however, colors will always vary across device screens. It is impossible to guarantee that the color you see on your device will match the color of the fabric, therefore, we highly encourage all customers to order a swatch before purchasing. Swatches are available for most fabrics, however, if there is no option to order a swatch we may be able to help you by sending a swatch of another fabric with the same color. 

What can I expect from a swatch?

Swatches are only for color, texture, and weight. Depending on the fabric, the swatch will most likely not display the entire motif of the fabric. Swatch sizes are not guaranteed and vary depending on the fabric, however, you can expect anywhere from 3"x5" to 5"x7". We try our best to provide all colors of the fabric in the swatch. Swatch prices vary depending on the price of the fabric, ranging from $1 to $5 per swatch.

Shipping and Returns

Orders are processed and shipped out within 1-2 business days. Estimated delivery date can be seen at checkout. For more details on our shipping policy, please visit this page: shipping policy

We cannot accept returns once the fabric has been cut. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns before you purchase! We recommend ordering a swatch before purchasing yardage. If swatches are available for a fabric, there will be a button on this page that says "Order a Swatch".

For more details on our return policy, please visit this page: return policy

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